Saturday, November 12, 2011

Twirling My Retro Joy

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Spinning back into the swing of things.  Today was the first full day back at the driving school.

6 hours of sitting next to awkwardly shy grown boys gripping the steering with everything they have inside their soul. I need to stretch next time.  I tried to get them to talk.  It made their driving worse so I shut up...well I cut the chit chat.  How uber boring!

On this uber boring tour of the same town for 6 hours I did discover:

  •  7 garage sales.
  • 80% of them had extreme amounts of clothes.  These don't fly off the lawn as fast as you would think. They looked so hopeful at the beginning of the day and by end they were angry shoving it into trash bags.  Don't waste your time folks...just donate them to that friend that likes them or Goodwill.
  • While sitting in a silent car for several hours I tend to day I was a multimillionaire land investment specialist.  Life was so good....only one job and I was the boss, lots of travel, time to have babies, time to write....the list goes on. 
  • As the hours click by the smells coming from the restaurants get stronger and stronger.  Not in a bad way. I always have the strangest cravings when the shift is over.  Today it was fried rice, a beef burrito, and Asian sweet bread with a frozen yogurt to top it off. 
  •  I absolutely detest putting gas in the car.  I hate doing it for my own car. As the hours tick on I find myself looking at the gas gauge almost as much as I do the speedometer.  Today I had no choice...I had to do it.  So to ease my irritation I facebooked on my phone while the gas also was a way for me to look busy while the drunk guy on the pump next to me looked at me all angry.  At least he wasn't homeless and begging for money. Not that I hate homeless people but as a female there is a natural fear I have of men that have nothing to lose.  I was looking pretty delish in my super baggy jeans about two sizes past a good fit and my faded Troy Aikman might have a few holes and a bleach spot...but it is so comfy and kinda homeless chic.  Maybe that drunk guy was thinking I was going to ask him for it all makes sense.  


  1. You teach driving school? Man you're brave! Your site is beautiful by the way. Am happy to follow - and thanks for the follow on mine!

  2. Oh yes I do! Thanks, I enjoyed your site too. Looking forward to reading more.