Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rethinking life

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Last year...

I thought I was finished with my first novel.

Excited about the upcoming holidays I was planning for a month, the menu for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was hoping this time the holidays would go like planned.  

I had a list mapping out my black Friday game plan.  

I was taking a sabbatical from teaching drivers education and loving every minute of it.  

I hadn't been to the doctor in over 3 years. I had odd aches but passed them off as inconvenient and old age.  

I had gained a gang of weight and could care less.  Looked at it as my time of expansion...knowing that it would cycle off eventually. 

I was content. Dreaming about the day when I could see my book on Amazon.

This year...

I have started rewriting my first novel with a different point of view.  It has changed everything the voice finally sounds like my own but the plot doesn't fit for some reason. It has gone back to being a stressful work in progress.

I'm excited about the holidays but nervous.  I don't want everyone feeling awkward because I can't dig in with them.  But I also want to have a variety of food that I can digest and not get sick from.

After spending an unexpected two grande in medical bills there will be no planning any kind of shopping sprees. Instead I am trying to get my body strong enough to get back to working two jobs.

I knocked off a few things on that list of things I always wanted to do or try.  (tried kale...yuck, go on an impromptu vacation, got a tat...that will be a later post.)

I have lost some unexpected weight.  So my clothe fit differently...too baggy can be just as uncomfortable as too tight. 

I am worried.  I have planned my own funeral/death plan.  Morbid, but it is better to have a plan regardless so your family won't have the added stress. It isn't that I think I will die tomorrow...but we are all a little closer everyday. Better to be prepared.

Next year...

I hope to be stronger, healthier, and finished with this damn book.

How about you?  
Where have you been and where do you hope to be?

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  1. This time last year, I was planning a trip home to see my family. I was also excited because I was newly engaged and employed. This year, we have called off the engagement (although we're together still) and I am unemployed/trying to be self-employed. I'm hoping that by this time next year we'll be planning the wedding again, and my freelance design career will be successfully paying our bills.

    Good luck on meeting your goals!