Sunday, November 13, 2011

Very Busy Sunday

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Today, there were no death defying moves on the roads.  Days off rock.

I did wake up at 8 A.M. like an alarm clock went off.  It hadn't.  But I was wide awake.  Pretty sure I blame the sun and being off of that damn Day Light Savings.

I made sure to make the morning productive.  I didn't do any dishes, but did  squeak out one load of laundry.  I was very busy...checked up on my blog buddies. During my hiatus you guys have been busy.

I wrote in my book. It felt good. But I discovered I am wonder I haven't been writing.  So I dug in and researched...I have a better idea of where I am going.  It will all work out.  I need to write through it.    

I hit a pretty big number today...well actually late yesterday.  I have had over 20k page views on the ol' blog.  That is a ridiculous level of growth for me...considering this is a side thing I do between two jobs and book writing.  Last year at this time I dreamed of hitting 3k.  It was a lot to ask out of my 25 readers.  I have to confess but last year I was the one doing most of the page views.  I was very busy.  Who knows maybe next year it will be 200k page could happen. 


  1. Ah congratulations on all the blog growth! Encouraging.

  2. I'm wondering about how this really works. For example, how much time does a person have in a day to read a multiple number of blogs? What I'm finding through my blogging is you generate a small number of people who share the same interests, and THEY are the ones who come back over time. What I love about blogging is it forces me to write, at least once/week!