Thursday, January 12, 2012

Can you be quiet? I'm trying to reflect over here!

"Take time to be quiet."  ~Zig Ziglar
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Maybe I am on edge a little. The end of the semester does that to us.  Students, parents and administrators all put on the pressure for big passing numbers and that leaves teachers grinding their teeth trying to coerce students to turn in those last minute assignments and at least attempt to study for semester exams.  Then after they whiz through your 100 question test in less than 30 minutes we have to attempt to keep them silent for the remainder of the class period while you grade exams, filter through the plethora of parent emails, and try to finish up all the end of the semester paperwork.

All that being said...this is still the best job that ever was!

While rushing to enter grades, and wrestling with the pressure to get paperwork and training completed it is a challenge to remember that we all need some give ourselves time for reflection.

You know the real reflection...where the laptop is not on your lap...or near you, and the kids aren't running in crazy circles around your sofa.  I have written about his before, I find that my best reflection time is when I am driving.  Sounds strange but it is when I go on autopilot and seep deep inside my head.  (It is a little bit like Narnia inside there.) It is at those times I get book ideas, stories play out, I day dream, remember and say the best one liners to conversations that I couldn't say during the day.  I find that when I get home after a beautiful period of reflection I feel completely rested and ready for whatever crazy maybe waiting for me. And trust me it is always waiting for me.

*The clock was set...5 minutes of writing and my Write on Wednesday is complete...even if it isn't Wednesday any more.  The Linky thing will be up all week.  Join in the fun and hop about see what the rest of the gang has put together. I know that Jaimee Hunter Online, the blog goddess that kicked this winning fun time off has a fantastic story to share. So take a minute stop by say "Hi" and connect. We would love to hear from you.

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