Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Editing on layaway...I am not even kidding

Writing your first novel feels like it takes a part of your soul.  This last year after mourning that I was finished with my book.  I was sad about the routine ending, and characters being gone.

I found a new emotion...complete overwhelming frustration.  I got buried in edits and rewriting only to discover that changing the comma placement wasn't going to make book magic.  It needed a point of view change. Meanwhile, I wore out my friends and annoyed the snot out of them to be honest with me.  They were nice, bless their hearts...but I needed bold and crazy honest.  Maybe it wouldn't have taken so long for me to stop and figure out the true problem. A year later a dear friend, finally said it. It all clicked.

I could have saved us all a ton of time if I had known about kind people like this.  

Kindle All Star Editing  was started by Bernard J. Schaffer.  He is a writer and editor with massive skill, finesse and boldness.  Unattached to my feelings or any writer's feelings to be nothing allows him to be totally honest.  As a writer he understands that we don't always have the fund-age to shell out for expensive editing services.  So...he has a solution...payment plan. Music to my ears.  I have to say that this service makes me so happy inside. I might not lose all of my friends when this next book is finished.


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  1. I have a friend who just wrote a book and is experiencing some of the same frusterations you were. She's not driving me absolutely batty - yet. I'll have to tell her about this service. I had another writer send me an email yesterday asking if she could use one of the photos I posted on my blog for the cover of a book she's publishing. I was so geeked! Editing photos is easier than editing a book any day of the week! Good luck with your novel.