Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shout out Sunday...for the writer

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This week all of shares are a result of the Twitter gold I have dug up.  Not really dug is interesting that when you follow those in the writing industry that they all have blogs and those blogs have some crazy good advice.  Take a look:
  • R.S. Hunter posted a I think my most favorite post of the week.  "Naming your characters," it seems like it would be so stinking simple.  But I absolutely hate it. I am so joyful that now I have a handful of links to help me come up with character name gold!
  • Saundra Mitchell has an interesting blog post on creating your own press kits.  As Indie authors take the bull by the horns we have to educate ourselves on all of the nuances of the process of marketing your own book. 
  • Wendy L. Young has great advice and suggestion on how to leverage your time on Goodreads as a writer.  She gives tips to turning your time on there into money.  
  • Mike Wells bestselling writer of suspense, thriller fiction posted the most amazing post on, "How to write a two sentence synopsis." If you are an old timer here you remember the months I spent writing and rewriting that stupid sentence. If only I had his think of the time I would have saved.  

  • A to Z Challenge is coming soon to a blog near you. This challenge last year helped my readership explode from 25 to 120.  It was freaking awesome the amazing people that I met and that have become the community that I regularly talk with and visit.  If you have never done a challenge like this than be on the look out and think in terms of the alphabet post titles.  It is fun and you will love it.
Enjoy having a look around.  I sure did. 


  1. I posted that quote in my blog a while back. SO TRUE!

  2. I enjoyed tweeting with you a while back and I think your blog is so informational. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award because of all I have learned here. To learn more about what this nomination is about, visit my blog at

    This is also a great way to promote your blog. Congrats and have a groovy week!