Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shout out Sunday-Beginning, middle and end

Not to be all braggie but this is week two and I didn't forget.  I know stop you're swooning.  The twitterverse has introduced me to a huge group of fellow writers and I would feel remiss if I didn't share my findings with everyone.
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Karl with a K posted 25 tips on building characters. I had to write an entire manuscript to get to know my characters...and then a pre-story.  Hudson Grey was a stuff nut to crack. (Hee, hee I wrote "nut.")

C.S. Lakin came up with an interesting check know I like a list.  Check out her list of where all stories must begin.

Patricia at Publishing a book is an Adventure has interesting advice on steps of how to start a blog tour.

Critique my Manuscript has a pretty comprehensive check list of questions to answer when asking your beta readers and editor friends for help.  I know some shy away from list, but for those of us who love something to check off this is amazing and would have been so helpful to me last year and will help me this year.

The Guardian published an interesting article, 20 Things You Need to Know Before You Self Publish. It looks at the stigma that goes with self publishing what you can do to not be a stereotype.  

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