Monday, January 9, 2012

OCD...Tweet me!

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You my dear reader know I get my little obsessions.  Lately it has been twitter. It isn't the newest thing out there but I finally figured out what in the world I am doing on there...well mainly I have started participating in the writers chats.  

It is energizing.  All hyped up on fresh chats I felt emboldened enough to comment on Janet Reid's comment.  For those not in the know...Ms. Reid is a hot shot New York agent.  I submitted my first book to her.  She never replied.  I respect her for that...the first book sucked.  Anyway...she replied on Twitter and for a solid hour she and I were conversing.  That has never occurred on Facebook.  It was like chatting it up with a rock star.  I'm pretty sure we are practically besties.  

So all drunk on my chat with the celebrity I have made a crazy goal...1,000 followers by December.  Doable...I am sitting at 388 now so that will be a drop in the bucket since I am practically there.  

Why do should I even attempt the 1,000 followers?  It is all about community, fresh ideas, and getting your brain used to quick thinking. Not to mention you never know who you are going to meet.

If you are in the neighborhood...give me a tweet..or a follow. :0) 

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  1. Completely agree. I've just started twitter too. It's as though there's this special world in there, you don't know what it's capable of but you know it must be good. Thanks for being my 31st follower, 969 to go...