Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Elephants are falling....

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Ever been so in the weeds (behind on everything in life) you felt like you couldn't find your way out?  Yeah me neither.  Progress reports go out in 24 hours.  Taking benchmark test and starting a major project has a tendency of being a slow couple of weeks for grades.  I have grades...not many.  You can count them on one hand and have left over fingers.  Uggh.

Have you looked up and you think it might be an elephant falling on you? It could be stress...good stress of course.  Isn't stress always good?

I have been asked to write an article for my state's professional organization's quartly journal (due Friday), a twitter bud has requested I submit a short story to her anthology (due the first week of March), my school professional development group has started our own blog for teachers, McKamyIDPLC and not to mention I have just started this major project with my students where we do the planning together, and they are creating class documentaries (each has a different topic).  I am exhausted.

I am seriously looking forward to a little writing catch up time this weekend. I little nap time.  Maybe a Super Bowl dinner of appetizers, and good commercials.

Life is good.

Random last minute question...

Have you ever received your W2 and thought, "Damn, I only made that?  How in the hell do we make it each month?" Not that I have...just asking.

Life is good, right?

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  1. W2's can be so depressing. All that money taken out, with just a bit of it coming back in the return. Americans pay over 50% of our incomes in taxes, either direct withdrawal or sales tax or all the other little ways we are taxed. I can be so discouraging when trying to get ahead!