Saturday, February 18, 2012

Floaties and moats

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The rain hasn't stopped outside.  There is now a moat around the house.  The dogs request floaties when they are sent out to do their business.  Bless their hearts. We used to have a nice little pond that would spring up in the middle of the backyard.  But we got grass this summer.  I think we stole it from the neighbors...shhh. So the water collection has shifted.  It should be lifting the house up soon.  If it does, I hope it fixes the foundation while it is at it. Is that asking too much?

It has been a big week for me. I'll give you the list...lots of ups and downs.
  1. I dropped a jean size...again.  There are some out there who haven't realized I am even losing weight. It is part of the cruddy part of being part lose a lot of weight and people can't see it until it is a ton of weight.  But this makes me down 4 sizes since this time last year.  I went from barely fitting into the jeans at the fat girl store to being able to roll into the local Walmart and pick up a pair of the most annoyingly bedazzled jeans on the clearance rack.  LOVE IT!
  2. My teaching blog that I co-write with some teacher friends at work has had its big reveal this week.  At work we have a group of us that meet twice a month to discuss our teaching.  We are in a book study and we try to apply what we learn from the professional books and learn from the discussions that the books produce.  It sounds boring...but I absolutely love this stuff. It is my nerdy side, I can't hide it.  I came up with the idea of all of us writing a blog about our adventures in application as a way to invite others to grow with us.  I am pretty sure it will catch on.  Eventually.  I have to teach those folks the wonder that is blogging and blog reading first then we will be on like Donkey Kong.  
  3. Because of the new teaching blog I have become a Youtube addict. I do love documentaries.  I know, nerdy.  The Youtube is like a treasure chest of documentaries....I am overwhelmed and beside myself.  Every night I have to give myself at least a little time to peruse.  It makes me happy.  
  4. This coming Friday is my birthday.  I am thinking of taking the day off and mourning at home in solitude.  It is another year where a long list of goals have not yet been met.  There is still no book of mine on Amazon, no sweet baby in my arms.  The clock is ticking.  Damn Clock. 


  1. Valerie,
    Being part of the big girl crowd, your jeans story made me chuckle. Keep going, as long as you're losing and you know it, it that's the important part.

    Staying home to mourn is definitely not a good idea on your birthday, but if you do, I hope you work on a to-do list that's doable.

    So nice to meet you! :D

  2. Congratulations on the bedazzled jeans! :)