Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shout Out Sunday...A to Z early meet and greet

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The A to Z Challenge has opened the doors.  All the bloggers are starting to line up to take part in one of the largest blog challenge out there. I love it. Blog Challenges offer a  unique opportunity to get out and about and meet some new folks. You know. It goes against all things we hermit writers solitude, dark cozy spaces.  It is good to try different things.

I have been venturing out today.  Reading and checking out those first 40 blogs.  So far I haven't heard back from them...but it will happen.  That is blogging.  We are a friendly crew most good deeds are rewarded with reciprocated kindness.

A couple of my favorites so far are my Sunday Shout Outs:
  • Writercize is built for the purpose of encouraging word play and encouraging the honing of the craft. Not only do I love her  because she has the exact same number of followers that I do, but she has truly positioned herself to be a fast growing blog providing a clear service for the writing public.  Write on!
  • Dare to know is a young blog.  She is a writer and has several interesting post on writing and shares some great tunes. 
  • Journaling Woman supplies great writing articles on topics like discovering your characters, finding time to write and how to come up with a title.  
They are a great group. Take a minute give them a click. 

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  1. The A to Z Challenge will be a lot of fun again this year. And that looks like a Chinese Daigon Alley.