Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hacking hallucinations

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I love the calm of a Saturday, even if it is drug induced.

I have been wrestling with this head cold that is threatening to become a chest cold.  We have been going rounds and last night it looked like it was going to win. My throat felt like it was on the verge of swelling shut.  Not a pretty sight...but extremely effective weight loss tool. In a moment of complete desperation I dug around and found the cough syrup I was prescribed when I had pneumonia a few months ago. I might have been overcome by pain and a tiny bit confused.  I snatched up a spoon.  In reality it was more of a serving spoon.  I poured and poured that elixir onto the metal shovel and swallowed.  It was pure bliss. Within seconds my throat was in no pain and after about ten minutes I was in another world.  I woke up this morning still in that world.  Two naps later, almost 24 hours and one pot of coffee I finally feel like I am awake.

Unfortunately, I did go shopping while still deep in the haze...I have no idea what I got.  It was lovely though...felt a bit like I floated through Walmart. The only thing I remember is a old man in one of those little rascal scooters kept cutting me off in every single aisle.  He was fast and kept parking in the middle so I couldn't get around him.  I would roll down the aisle mystified by the pretty colors and possibly tasty foods then there he would be and I would have to turn around and go the other way.  I tried to mix it up and head to another section and I don't know...he must have read my mind because boom there he was again.  At least I think he was there.  This medicine does give slight hallucinations. But I really hope I could do better than a old dumpy guy in a scooter.  You know something more like DeMarcus Ware in my bed this morning would have been way better...okay DeMarcus any where would be way better.

Have you guys been seeing all these post on Pinterest about "Freezer cooking?"  I've seen them but wasn't too thrilled about wasting one of my precious lazy Saturdays humped over a stove all day making food I wouldn't be eating right off.  It must have been the drugs...but I bought  4 pounds of meat and made a low fat chili.  The bags are nice and cooled and in the freezer.  Should be a treat later in the week.  While I was at it I made a giant brisket. Pretty sure this is the most meat we have had in the house in a long time. Hope it last least till next week.

Think I might go take a hit of my cough syrup again. Have a restful Saturday everyone.  

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  1. What's the name of that cough syrup? I mean, just in case, you know. Sounds like good stuff.

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