Sunday, February 19, 2012

Peaceful Sunday Blog Jumping

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The sun came out today.  I think.  I never left the house.  It was glorious.

The most productive thing I did all day was take a shower. Not exactly heavy lifting. I did stack the laundry next to the washer but decided that would do for the day.  There was some napping, cooking, and lots of blog visiting.  Reading and watching movies all day.  It was fantastic.  My little early birthday gift to me.  

I did find some fun blogs. If you feel like a good adventure take a look...
  • Chiz Chat- is relatively new to the blogging world but he is fantastic and a great writer.  Unlike 60% of the blogs I went to that were in the middle of some kind of Origins Blogathon he told the most horrific story about going to the dentist. You got the chills...didn't you.  The dentist is my silver slays me. Give this good fellow a follow. 
  • Wagging Tales- Is an Australian writer giving strong advice for writers.For example, today she posted on platform building.  Other post include creating a business plan and the business of writing.  
  • Tonja's Musings- Deserves a look. Her post are honest and reflect her humor.  She is also a writer who came to writing later in life.  I think that is why I like her, reminds me of myself. 
Do yourself a favor and take a look at them all.  Have a great week folks.

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