Saturday, July 7, 2012

Splash...sip and pass me some more

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This summer has been amazing.  I hope you, my dear reader can say the same.  I haven't been suit doesn't fit...too big. Come to think of it I really haven't gone outside much.  I think I was built for less sunlight.  Pretty sure when I can afford it I need to get a summer home in Seattle.   

Usually I pepper you with pictures of my exciting adventures but this year most of those would be of me on the computer.  I know...not terribly exciting to anyone but me.  I have been a woman on a mission this summer.

Mission: Grow my freelance writing business.

I have tasted from the punch bowl and love it!  I have saved so much in gas money this summer. I have spent more time with the family than I have in probably 4 years.  And I am getting faster.  I think it is that whole work a muscle and it gets stronger thing is so incredibly true with writing. I love that my pay is only limited by me.  That I feel so comfortable writing.  It is in my blood.  I feel it. My Norwegian relatives were writers and editors...we have it in us and must write.  

I love that freelance writing forces me to research.  I love to is my security blanket.  If I am nervous or worried about something...then here I come Google.  And with freelancing I need to research, discover and create all things I love doing for myself.  

I have learned some interesting stuff through all of this research...
  • Don't, I bottled water. Holy Cow that stuff is awful for us, this country and don't get me started about what it does to the environment.  YIKES!!
  • I love how much we think we are all so unique but when it comes down to it...we are connected to family.  We may not know them...but while their blood pumps through us there are traits and skills that we have because they have them. Don't deny these traits. Embrace them and great things can happen. 
  • Writing at different grade levels is a challenge. At first I struggled with it erasing a ton and dumbing it all down. Then I figured it out. Write what you have to say and then go back and rewrite/summarize/simplify.  I think this is an interesting life lesson. Don't change yourself, make you work for the situation in front of you. 
  • Humans as a species are pretty incredible.  Capable of true genius, and terrible atrocities. 
  • Don't eat watermelon before you go to bed.  It is called "WATERmelon" for a reason.  You will be up..a lot.
I have to say it folks...but find your passion and do it.  Whatever it maybe, give yourself a chance.  It will change you..not in a weird know good.  Oh and for the love of God, no watermelon after 6 pm.  Trust me. 

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