Sunday, July 8, 2012

Time to do work...

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Hair is done.  Rock star shades are on. Cheetah print fashion, and I am runway ready.  

Today I have been doing business.  Got applications out to several companies looking for freelance writers.  I started working on my business plan.  It feels weird to write one for me.  I have made them for so many other small feels great to be the one on the receiving end.  I have a plan.  I like how it feels, knowing what I want to do.

Lessons learned today:
  • There are tons of resources out there for writers who want to take it pro.  (see my publishing blog, ChubbyBunnysInk,  for details.)
  • When planning your future it is very tempting to do fake shopping.  (Definition, "Fake Shopping" is when one goes to a website clicks add to cart on multiple items then when she become bored she clicks "x" and goes about her business having purchased nothing.)  
  • When I get my first "super check"...I am getting a MacBookPro with Retina display.  I am in love with it.  I have fake shopped it four times.  
  • I love grocery shopping but only when I can park in the same spot I always park in. If I have to park elsewhere the trip is a bust.  All joy gone. 
  • On Ghost Hunters they call 3:00 am the witching hour...because they say they get the most activity at that time.  I have to agree.  My witching hour and most productive writing comes between midnight and 4 am.  I will have to address this as we get closer to school.  Till then...I'm living the sweet life rock star glasses and all. 

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