Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Facts that Freaking Rock

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I have found the most delightful side effect of freelance writing...I get paid to learn stuff.  I would be a professional student if I could afford it and this is the second best thing.  
After a year of this I am pretty sure I might be a genius.  

A dear friend...and very smart lady (Aunt J-Me Says So) suggested I start a new series..."Friday's Facts that Freaking Rock!  I don't think she suggested this name...I really like to say freaking.  Feels naughty. 

  1. There is a science called, "Space Archaeology." I am not even kidding. And no it does not mean they look for antique societies in space.  But instead from space they fire down these lasers and can see 8-10 inches into the earth.  I love this.  Maybe because I always wanted to be an archaeologist till I figured out I would have to be outside.  This fixes that so the dream can live on.  
  2. Did you know that Mexico fought with the Allies during WWII?  Yup. Mexico sent an elite team of fighter pilots, Aztec fighters,  to fight in the South Pacific.  They faced racism, language barriers and when they came home there was a single parade thrown in their honor. The Mexican people felt that those that fought were acting as the whipping boys for the US so it was all brushed under the rug.  
  3. When the United States was in the depths of the Great Depression offers from countries outside the states came in to offer help.  One of those being...Uganda.  
  4. Cleopatra has never really interested me until this week.  She was a strong amazing lady. Her parents were rumored siblings, she married her bother. When he died, she married her other bother.  Not only did she become the lover of some of the most powerful men at the time but totally used it to secure her own dynasty...well until she killed herself.  It is a pretty tragic story. 
  5. When I was growing up I was taught that all civilization started in Mesopotamia.  Wrong!  Complex civilizations formed all over the world about the same time scientist are thinking it had more to do with the changing climate. The discovery of sites in the Supe Valley in Peru predate Mesopotamia by a century. it is time to return to my laptop to learn more. I have a question for you, my dear reader...

What Facts have you learned that Freaking Rock?


  1. Didn't know any of these. Interesting ones though. I love to learn new stuff.

  2. I like this feature. I can't stuff my brain with enough information. Good luck with the new school year. I know I missed the classroom all week. Then I realized I had no marking or coaching to do then I did a little dance.