Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I got Stardust in my eyes

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Day two on the P2P challenge and I am tired.  4 hours turned into 8.  I am not sure how I let that happen.  I get into something and can't close it down till I am done. I did learn several unintended things today.
  1. Writing html is tough. 
  2. No matter what a tutorial says my situation will always be the one that doesn't work. And I will have to go all Chuck Norris on it. 
  3. So much change is completely exciting. I have had a difficult time sleeping since this process started.  I am happy it is summer time or I would really be hating life. 
With my day being more structured then it has all summer I have been seeking out other opportunities to drum up business. Today I submitted an article for publication in a book about education, and have started a page in squibo. That along with my four eight hours of focus on writing and my business it has been a busy Tuesday.

Think I will have a few minutes hours on Pinterest and go to bed.  


  1. Keep at it! You can do it. It's so hard to structure your summer days but you're doing great so far!

  2. Sounds like a plan!! Don't forget to count the daydreaming as part of your 'writing' time. Without it, the writing may not come together. Goo luck!