Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monsters ponder too

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I have been one hot writing lady.  No really, it is hot to have a laptop on your lap all day. I am pretty sure I will die some kind radiated death from the gamma rays coming off this thing. Goal...make enough to buy computer that does not sound like it wants to combust after 6 hours of usage. 

I have been super proud of myself. I have stuck to my 30 day challenge and been a writing maniac. Working my way through that pile of expository essays I have learned some pretty random stuff.  I can't wait to share my "Friday, not so fun facts."  It will rock your socks off. 

Till then I must return to my research of modern day imperialism, the revolt of the Qianlongs Legacy and code breakers.  Then starts all the science fun. I have to admit writing the science essays has reminded me of how much I love science.  It is so interesting and methodical.  I am even thinking of how to incorporate the scientific method into the learning of history.  It is still in the thinking stages. Ideas are welcome.  No really...any ideas would be great. 

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