Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fashion Forward????

I have never been accused of being the least bit fashion forward.  Maybe it is because I am not Japanese. It seems like the abundant Japanese that were walking about were uber trendy.  

The couple above are a prime example.  Just look at the man rolled jeans, and merse...all reek of those with their finger on the pulse of fashion.  

I came home and did a little research.  
Photo Source
Even if I by mistake put this combination together it would not appear trendy it would look like I dressed myself in the dark. And the puffy bit would be mistaken for swelling of my thigh not fashion puff.  
Photo Source

I am pretty sure I have a little too much thigh to try out this look. They would eat these short right up.

I will stick to my jeans, tee shirts and gray hoodie with the occasional dress up wonder. Maybe those will come into style one day and I will be the one to be fashion forward. It could happen   



  1. Don't worry, fashion is all about being yourself nowadays !

  2. Hey! I have that last outfit! SIKE! I admire people who have style...mine is whatever is comfy and that's sad. I feel insecure when I go out with my friends because they are uber trendy. Not THIS trendy though... I wish they were..then I would feel better about myself. lol