Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello, Welcome to Tornado Central

Texas Storms
Come inside and join us, if you please.

I am writing from the comfort of the bathtub.  Some would call this hot place my safe room.  I know that there is no way I would want to be caught dead in here...get it caught dead. I slay me.

Interruption:  I hate the sound of exploding transformers. There is nothing more violent and reckless sounding.    

The good news is that I am not at the Texas Ranger's game.  I cannot think of a worse torture than being stuffed into back hallways for an hour.
Photo Source
No thank you!! 

In the last hour we have had 4 separate sirens go off. There was damage on the main road that leads to my house and debris looked like a flock of birds outside. The sky has been swirling nonstop.  
Photo Source
This was just north of us.  

The rain and hail are back.  I think I will have to say goodbye.  Take care everyone!


  1. My prayers are with you guys! Be safe and keep us updated! I can't imagine how scary that must be!! EEKS! Take care!

  2. And now there is silence.

    I had to go out and drive around to see if I could see what damage we got. It looks like a funnel touched down north of the freeway next to the house went up the main road to the house the disappeared.

    Metal/concrete signs were pulled from the ground and tossed several feet and windows were blown out. Messy out there. Not Joplin messy but it was terribly close.

  3. How are you today? I thought about you last night when I heard about the TX storms on the news. I'm SOOOO ready for tornado season to be over...these things make me just sick.

    Take care, friend!


  4. Wow, this sounds really frightening.
    To cheer you up I have an Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award for you over at the Garden Gate. Enjoy! Elizabeth.