Saturday, May 14, 2011

Water Makes all things better

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It might be because I am a Pisces, but I love the water.  Well, I love to look at it, being next to it and dipping my feet into it.  Beyond that no thanks. I tend to burn easily in the sun, I am prone to ear aches and I am not a fan of that pruney skin feeling.
Sitting on the Duck boat..yes it was choppy and don't forget cold.
Seattle is a city poised on the edge of the water, fully embracing its vulnerability to nature.  There are few places that you can go without being reminded of the proximity to the sound.

Our most favorite adventure of all time in Seattle was the Duck Boat tour. Sure it had the loud obnoxious music and the tour guide with the set jokes that aren't funny but we had a blast.
The first thing we did was drive to Freemont and straight into the water.  What was the temperature you ask? It was a whopping 40 out of the water.  In the water I think the temperature dropped ten degrees. Don't get me started on the choppy water and the spray.  HOLY Cow I could not get warm.  And don't forget all I had was that sad gray hoodie.

Brrrr.  The Blond Terrorist was so cold she was trying to crawl into the pocket in her hoodie. 

She kinda looks like a blond Wookie from the side with the giant glasses and random bits of hair sticking out.  We did get to see the real house that was used in Sleepless in Seattle.  The tour was nice.  It is the best way to hit a ton of sites and go to neighborhoods you wouldn't normally see. 

Our most favorite hang out was The Public Market.  Not only was it four blocks away but it was the center of all things fun. It is like the state fair with carnies, food, traveling entrainment groups and your choice of fried foods. But the market has one distinct difference the overwhelming smell of fish on one side of the line up of shops. Eww.  So we spend the majority of time on the opposite side of the nasty smell.     

If you go through this entrance down the stairs, and down the escalator it will take you to the greatest find of all times.
Who doesn't love a giant pig?  Brilliant! The pig is a bank that is a drop off for collections for the Pike's Place market foundation.  The foundation gives coupons to low-income families so too can enjoy the fresh produce.

If one continues to walk across the street there is a sketchy elevator across the street.  It leads straight to the Seattle Aquarium.  
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I love adventures with animals.  As you walk through the ticketing counter there is a wall of glass with a lone scuba diver in it entertaining the tourist.  

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We sat for a few, then ditched it for further thrilling adventures.  Just around the bend there was a touching pool with a variety of sea creatures that thrive in the region and don't mind getting poked by the locals or visitors.


Two women, 7th graders at heart, should not be let loose without parental supervision.  We practically knocked the little kids over to jump behind this thing.  It only took 20ish shots to get it perfect.

Then we spotted the most amazing of all contraptions. A glass tube in the shape of a doughnut with jelly fish floating around in a circle/arch over your head.  BT, the Blond Terrorist, had a primo idea...get in the tube and make funny faces.  You know the ones were you look terrified that the jelly fish are attacking you.  

 I think I win with the most terrified face.  BT saw this and laughed till she almost wet her pants.  Repeatedly, she has told me this is what my face will look like when I get shot.  And the light looks like I am being struck by some kind of gamma ray.  Nice.

On the up side I do have this awesome picture of her being assaulted by a cephalopod.  Poor cephalopod has no idea what he is getting into.  

We did get to take a cool ride on an Orka.  It was a lot less bumpy then you would think. 

 I showed this amazingly Photoshop picture to my mother and she, with out skipping a beat asked, "Why are you two on that a giant phallic symbol?" Thanks Mom.  It is a fake Okra thank you very much.  

Our tour continued with the usual assortment of sea creatures.  This little darling decided to pose nicely for me.  Such a sweetheart.  
These two were like an old married couple.  Every time the one in front got cozy in the sun the one behind would jab him with his fin.  In over exaggerated jump the one in front would jump around and try to find a spot out of reach of the other.  There was no such spot.  It was a cute interaction to watch.  I love when animals act human. 

After we cruised around the gift shop we got our ticket and boarded the ship to get onto our harbor tour.  

We had to march down these terrifying steep ramps to the awaiting boat.  The passengers on the boat were a bit like a visit to the United Nations.  Aw the fashions...will have to share those tomorrow.  We did get to see the San Francisco sea lions. 

Pretty adorable!  Nothing like getting a little sun on a cold day.  I know we enjoyed it.  

What animal adventures have been the most memorable to you?


  1. What fun - love these "road (sea) trip" posts. You hooked me in with your blue photo on the GFC thumbnail...

  2. Your Seattle trip looked like so much fun!!! My husband and I went to Seattle YEARS ago and loved it. Now my daughter (15) is thinking about college out there (we're on the east coast!) Other than the inconvenience and $$$ of getting there, I certainly wouldn't mind visiting her there! Great pics!

  3. Ha, I took a similar boat ride, The Jungle Queen, in Florida. Same cheesy jokes I'm sure, but still fun. You gotta do the tourist stuff.

    Love aquariums.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your trip to our fair city! We love living in Seattle for the most part, though we've set a record this Spring with our damp, rainy, cold weather. Brrr is right! Great photos of your trip!

  5. Your mama and I have similar thinking process going on...sorry! :-) Looks like a blast sister friend!