Sunday, May 1, 2011

Looking back on the A to Z...

The A to Z challenge came to an end yesterday. It was a blogging challenge made up of over 1200 bloggers. Put together by Tossing it Out given the challenge to blog the letters of the alphabet for the month of April only taking off on Sundays.  

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Blogging your way through the alphabet you learn all sorts of tricks and annoyances.

  • I found that there is huge power in a sassy title with the right letter.  
  • That there is a huge variety of bloggers out there.  It is fun to step outside the genre that you blog to find some people that are interesting and topics that are intriguing.
  • Blogs that use the orange fonts and are hard to read I don't typically go back to ever.
  What do you find the most exciting or annoying about blogging?

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  1. My very favorite at bloggins is wheh I come up with an interesting rant about a particular subject in cerrent evet. I lose getting comments that let me interact with the people who cared enough to leave me a message and not just dismiss my efforts as 'so much baloon juicie'. I love making the interesting friends i have made, despite the fact thht after taking to me for awhile they decide I am no the kind of friend they want and drop me by the dreaded UNFOLLOW. It takes a big of doing to UNFOLLOW someone so that action is deliberate. Some people show share the same hobbies with hobbies of me stay around longer So the best art of blogging are the people who take tme to visit my site and the worst is when they ufollow me because my blog no longer entertains. That hurt my esteem alot.