Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet and Greet

Kicking off Seattle week allow me to introduce the people/person that will be in every obnoxious story I tell.

This is my neighbor across the hall, fellow teacher, workout buddy and gossip partner...the Blond Terrorist (BT). She is one of the most laid back people I know about some know those things that she does not care about.  However, on things she is passionate whoa stand back.  You will get this look....     
The slight grin is a mask of annoyance.  You can detect the teethe grind along the jaw line. It is signal she is about to go all flying monkey on me if I don't stop taking pictures of her without allowing for her to strike "the pose"
  *DING*  There it is with the added sassy hip. Note the extra large sunglasses.  She has multiple pairs, and loves them.  The bigger the better. You should see the awesome tan line these produce, it is a little like a ski mask.  

Why would I give such a dangerous sounding name to such a charming young lady?  I am not sure why...maybe it is the sunglasses...but she is a marked woman by the TSA.  There is not a security check point where she will not have to get frisked, scanned, and searched.  You would think she would be used the whole circus of it by now...not so much.  Every time there is a huge pouty fit, flying monkey all over that poor agent.  It is a wonder we don't get kicked out. 

She is a great magnet for vagarants and random panhandlers.  I think it is the blond hair makes her stick out.  It is fine with me they go after her and I make a run for it.  I am a little slower so I bolt ahead and she runs up on the opposite side trying to use me as block.  We have a system.  Unfortunately, we did not master the system until the last day.  We are ready for our next adventure. 


  1. I enjoy learning more about you and the people in your life. Do you think her and I would get along? I wish I had someone write nice things about me like you have because I am shallow and self-centered and need that kind of validation.

  2. Yes of course! Her dogs are named Rogue, and Wolverine. Enough said.

  3. Haha! How cute! Sounds like a fun partner in crime! Can't wait to see more of your adventures!