Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The musical...I am the star of course

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
 ~Berthold Auerbach 

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I know I am not alone but music always brings back memories. When my Grandmother died I saw the movie Across the Universe and this song stuck with me.  I listened to it no less then once a day for 4 months.

Still makes me cry...

Seattle is a music town.  Well it is an art town for sure with a strong music community.  There is an entire funky museum dedicated to the celebration of sound. The EMP or Experience Music Project is the quirky monster that is eating the end of the monorail.  

Walking in there is a sweeping cluster of guitars and string instruments that funnels upward two stories in a funnel of corner. 

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Known as the Roots and Branches exhibit the piece sits silently until you pick up one of the earphones flanking the sides.  Spinets of songs spill out of in clangy rock.  The statue is rigged to produce music like a giant wind up music box. It sits outside of two exhibits the Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix. 

I have to be honest, I am not the biggest Hendrix fan.  The exhibit was okay.  I do like to see outfits that people wear and think about what that would look like on me.  There was that little velvet number...muph not sure if I would rock that it is a little more retro then I go for on a normal day. 

Nirvana was the exhibiting neighbor.  I do love jamming Teen Spirit, but have a hard time looking at museum items that were produced the same time I was in high school.  I am not old enough for that experience.  

So what does all this awesomeness have to do with a musical?  

On the top floor, next to the elevator is a locked door with a television screen above it.   The image showing is a stage set for a concert complete with green screen."On Stage" painted on a tilt across it.  We were intrigued.  We watched group after group go in and make their own rock video and thought, "mech why not?"

Before entering you pick your song and the name of your band.  We were "Kelly Green."  BT picked it, it is her favorite color.  Then they usher you into a dark hallway and you watch a quick video on how it all works.  It was at this point that I was getting nervous.  Sometimes that shy little girl inside tries to come back out.  BT, wise beyond her years when it comes to giving advice to others, was relaxed.  Nonchalant, she said, "Why are you worried? We won't see any of these people ever again?"  So true.  

We stepped into the room, noting it was smaller then it looked on the screen.  We picked our instruments and got ready.  The lights were making me sweat.  I picked the keyboard.  I did have 5 years of lessons I could at least look like I knew what I was doing.  BT raced to the drums and started whacking at them the minute she sat down.  

The little guy in charge of all the buttons and music told us to make ourselves comfortable and that the more we got into it the better it would look.  I took this to me, "KILL IT!"  I did. It was a hip swinging, finger chomping madness.  I was fake singing and all.  On impulse I turned to see how BT was doing.  She sat there frozen, frustrated that she couldn't find the beat.  The entire time she looked upset, frowning and tapping mildly at the drums in front of her.  She a mess. The more upset she looked the funnier I thought it was.  Suddenly my profuse sweating didn't bother me at least I looked like I was doing it.  

I wish I could attach the video here.  But you know that she doesn't allow for unauthorized pictures the same goes for video.  This is a BT censor.  

On the up side we did get to see the Battlestar Galactica exhibit and hang with our fellow syfy nerds.  

And I got this great picture of BT with what she thought was a Ewok.  Yes, I is not a Ewok.  For her defense it was dark and it was fuzzy.  

It was a good day.  Who can say they have been in a rock video and have seen an "ewok?"  Oh yeah me.  :)  

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  1. Awesome!! I'm a big fan of music and would love to visit this museum! You look like you're having a blast on your trip V! I would love to see your rock video! I'm sure you ROCKED OUT!