Friday, May 20, 2011

It is all over

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That is what I heard.

The Christian Radio Network has been proclaiming for months that this would be the day of reckoning. Harold Camping, the octarian that did the calculating is not new to dooms day predictions.  In 1994, he had similar predictions.  I am guessing he isn't very good at it since we are still here.

The shake down is suppose to start with a violent earthquakes at 6pm.  I think he is wrong, pretty sure the earth will start quaking Sunday when my Mavericks kill Oklahoma.  I'm just saying.

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Go Mavs!!!


  1. seriously. i hate people who try to predict anything.

    who do these people think they are? If they really believe in God, which is questionable, do they think it's that easy to figure out?


  2. I'm trying not to think about this at all. I believe no one will really know, but when everyone talks about it, it gets in my head. I hope it'll be ok.

    And I'm a Lakers fan along with my fanatical hubby. We are sad. lol

  3. For now, I am buying up PowerAde in case I become parched After the Rapture.
    See ya round!

  4. It is pretty humid but I think we will live.