Sunday, May 29, 2011

March to the end

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Yesterday, I think I must have been tired.  I got up played with the dog.  Sat and fell asleep.  Ate something, sat and went to sleep.  Tried to watch a movie. I think you might be seeing the forming pattern. And yes I went to sleep.  

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The week was a hard one.  The end of the school year is always that way.  Too much to do.  Finishing up of grades. Constant communication with parents of the darlings that like to let grades slip till Mom and Dad get involved.  The teachers are anxious, some good friends are leaving.  Others are being "re-organized" there is the stress of the unknown and the perceived stress that is coming from changing systems.  Not to mention all of the awesome end of the year stuff.  The standing in front of real people (parents) and the entire 7th grade for awards ceremonies.  I don't think I have sweat that much in a long time.  Woo wee stress.

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Next week we start the antiquated process of book collection.  Teens all over North Texas and the rest of the nation will clean out from under their beds and try to remember where they put those things they never used.  

The students received their yearbooks and all we have left is finals and we are done.  Well except for the graduation ceremonies and the tears.  I try to keep those at a minimum.  I adore these little darlings.  In the last year 4 past students have passed away.  I look at the little faces in front of me and wonder who is next.  Everyday my last words to them are the same, "Make good choices."  Sounds plain, but it is all I wish for them.    
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  What advice would you give to the young graduates of today?

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  1. My son just finished eighth grade. Next year is high school. Sigh. It goes so fast. I think your advice is perfect: make good choices. Oh, and I'd add listen to your mother. :)