Monday, April 2, 2012

Better Get Back up

Photo Source
Sammy looks like he is deep in one of these moments.

I call these the watershed moments of life. I have witnessed a few of these. Some had so much better outcomes than others.  Every time the pain from not knowing my own fate and the possibility of failure have felt like they would sink me. Stomachaches, sleepless nights and the awkward feeling of not being worthy of the new life I was striving for were constant companions. But every time the fight was worth it. It was all worth it.

I have shared a few of the watershed moments here...


  1. You are the woman you have always been, my love. Perfectly you.

  2. love that picture!!

    ohi can relate to fears and anxiety and sleepless nights.

    i hate change. i can't cope with failure. alas, you are not alone. but it is a universal stuggle and you will grow from it regardless of the outcome.

  3. Get back up = great advice.

  4. Well said for the quote. Good B, do check mine at GAC a-z.