Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kindred Spirit

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My Grandmother told me one time that we are kindred spirits.  I asked what it meant.  She said, "It means we are alike, you and me."  I think it is like soul mates.  Not the I gotta wait to get married until I find "the" him but our souls recognize each other. 

I read somewhere that there are some that soul mates are the natural fit. This is the part that enchants me the most...there is the belief that your souls don't die they stay and find each other over and over.  I think this can go for any type of relationship. I know my most powerful relationships have been with girl friends, who I know are soul mates.  We click from the first time we see each other. Time can pass and we start right where  we left off. When one is happy we both are.  When one of us is sad the other feels it almost as deeply.  

Soul mates teach you great life lessons about yourself, about who you can be and about what you want to be. 


  1. You make me a better teacher, mother, friend, teacher, sister. I love you, myMiss. This is how I feel about you.

  2. Yes! I have soul mates who I connect on a level that cannot be explained logically.

  3. That was a wonderful thing for your grandmother to say to you. As the years pass it is wonderful when you meet up with old friends and it's as if you only saw them yesterday.
    hark me.. Well I am 51.. that's getting older isn't it?
    Glad I popped by. Lovely posts for AtoZ

  4. The soul mate concept transcends time and space...
    It is a comforting thought to know that there is somebody you connect with, that seems to understand you in a way that nobody else can...

  5. It's the connection--like no other.