Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh Lawd, stop the press...

Wondering about the interwebs as I am prone to do...I found Brittney.  That voice...oh my lands.  Amazing!  How have I never heard about her before?  Craziness.

Random mind wanderings...
  • The reported possum is not going away.  I know it might have been a bit foolish thinking that the constant barking of the smallest dog...the only one interested in the possum would run him off.  I think he likes it or is hearing impaired.  That would be my luck to get the only deaf rabid possum in the metroplex.  I am going to have to invest in that gold..I mean fox pee.  I priced it out.  That stuff is $15 an ounce.  Not good. 
  • The principle has declared that we are going on a field trip...yeah. I know you have been through one of these with me before.  Deep breath. This time we are being sent to do time celebrate education day at Medieval Times. It is the perfect spot for equine fans, who love eating with their fingers and smelling horse and industrial strength bleach. Now if you are a bit of a germ phobic such as myself...this is not in anyway fun.  First problem...teens don't wash their hands and they pick and scratch way to much for this to be safe.  Second problem...they give you the greasiest food known to mankind and a cheap paper napkin right below the quality you find in a Happy Meal. when you try desperately to clean up the paper sticks to you instead of cleaning you.  Gross! I try to tell the students  about the field trip and for some reason even with some of my own angst slipping into the spill they are still pumped...I don't get it. 
  • Good news.  30 days of school left till summer vacation.  Thank you baby Jesus!


  1. I had to laugh, but your post made me really, really glad we don't have a Medieval Times here. :)

    That's a great video.

  2. Sure wishing I was going to, but darn it all, we have an in-service day planned with Harp. rats! 6th grade is OUT!!! You can have my paper napkin....

  3. I'm with DL, I want a summer vacation!

    Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge!
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