Sunday, April 15, 2012

No way Jose

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Grrrrrr. Roaaarrrr.  Grrrrr.  Maybe that is my stomach I have been trying to get back into the high fiber.  I strayed my birthday week...two months ago and have struggled to get on the wagon.  The problem with high fiber...well we all know.  So..don't walk behind me or sit next to me.   

I feel better eating this way but it is tough to let go of all of the sweets.  I drive by a donuts shop on the way to work.  It is drive through, and has light, buttery pastries that are the size of your head.  I can smell the sugar when I drive by with the windows up.  It sneaks in through the airconditioning.  I always inhale deeply and hold it a little bit trying to take in the sugar from the wind.  

This was my favorite breakfast stop for a year.  The year I gained almost 50 pounds.  They had my order memorized.  I miss those ladies.  I wish granola and carrots were as good and sinful. I love the yeast and fluff and that they did not give me...smelly after affects. If only they could engineer such sweet treats that are healthy and good for your skin and your digestive track. 

Till that blessed day...I will stay away because it only takes one taste to make a habit and then all the hard work...gone.  


  1. Ooh that sounds like a great trip to work :)

    Universal Gibberish

  2. What I have learned in my journey is that some of the kicks we get from the sweet stuff, we can get the same kics from fruit that is naturally sweet. Keep up with the fiber, we will remember not to stand down wind. Wow, some of the stuff that you write cracks me the flip up! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

    ~The Poet!

  3. The front one is not the problem. :)