Friday, June 17, 2011

Dealing with the heat

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It has been over 100 degrees for two weeks.  My sad air-conditioner is limping.  It is acting as a water feature.  There is something wrong with the drip pan.  Not completely sure what that is, but to me it means I have to put a pile of buckets under it and keep it set at 84.  Not everyone gets to live in a sauna, don't be jealous. 

Photo Source
This is just the type of week where you were meant to live in water.  Slap on those goggles and wiggle into those swim suits people, it is time to cool off.  To bad they don't make water proof computers...then we would never have to leave.


  1. Other great places to hang out in air-conditioned comfort are: the mall, the public library and movie theatres! Of course, the last one you have to pay for, which is a bummer.

  2. "It is acting as a water feature." This cracked me up! The AC unit in my classroom was the same way the last month of school. My students said it was like having our own personal classroom fountain :) 3 students were tasked with emptying the drip pans every day. I've been TOLD it will be fixed by August, but I don't hold out much hope.

    I hope you've found some creative ways to beat the heat. I love summertime, but I feel like I'm fixing to catch on fire!