Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We got a Rough...not that (:

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My Book- the Back story:
As you guys know, for the last two years I have been up to my arm pits in the harry businesses of writing my first book.  It was drafted, rewritten, edited, and rewritten.  It stayed in those last two steps for the last year.

Meanwhile, in this same year I have been a researching maniac.  After queries, and endless rejections I decided that maybe the old way wasn't for me.  Maybe I needed to go with the new technology.  I dug in and started more researching. The more I read the more excited I got.
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So today: 
I have started my own publishing company, Chubby Bunny Ink.  Currently I am my only client. I am a bit of a handful.  I need to try to get that one unwieldy client under control before I accept additional artist.

Starting your own company takes a ton of work.  Getting domain names, getting the IBN numbers, editing, and cover art.  I have been working with a great friend of mine on the editing...well a series of friends.  I have discovered that I may have some OCD tendencies when it comes to writing.  Every time the book goes to a friend for editing it is like a clock is ticking in my head and inner being.  I might go a little nuts with the emails and begging for a response.  My buddy, BT, happens to be an amazingly talented English teacher and overall grammar expert. She has an amazing skill that none of the others have mastered...she calls me out on my crazy.  Every stinking time, it never fails.  I go into OCD and she shuts it down and shuts me up with some wondering lecture on comma splices and run on sentences.  Blah, blah...I got it.

BT has the book and like a mom bird feeding her chick she slips me chapters one at a time.  It is just enough to appease the OCD monster.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Cal at the Cave of Cool, suggested his artist buddy MJ, the very talented man that made the header art on Cal's blog.  I jumped at it and practically begged him and he did.  Just yesterday I got the best email known to mankind...he had rough sketches for the book.  They are rough, very rough.  But I am just so happy to see what images my book inspired for him.

This is cover 1.

I love the contrast of images and how he works so much of the story into the cover.

I do worry that a regular Joe might not get that this is a story about murder and political deception.

I would like for him to switch the woman and the truck.  I worry it might be a bit overwhelming and too much to take in.

This is cover 2.  

This one is much more simplistic which I really like.  He suggested that we switch the building to be the capitol.  I like is hard to draw a high school that looks like a school and not an office.

I am in love with her face in this one.  The detailing is nice and I like the images in the blood puddle.

This one does seem to be all the same color.  There isn't much punch to it.

This is where I need help.  I would love it if some of my artist/ e-reader friends could offer up some advice.

 Which of these piques your interest and/or what are some suggestions do you have to make it perfect?  


  1. WOW! You're awesome for writing a book! Good for you! I wouldn't even know where to begin. And EXTRA Kudos for starting your own publishing co!

    As for the pictures, I really like the second one. You can almost feel the emotion in the girls face!

  2. Your own publishing company! Impressive! All the best.
    As for the pics I love the second one. Something to do with her expression...

  3. That is impressive, your own production company. Congratulations. I like the second cover also. Less is more and I agree with Muriel, there's something in her expression.

  4. Congratulations on finishing a book! I'm impressed that you're willing to take the plunge into publishing! Good luck! I'm excited to watch the process!


  5. I like both covers! But remember, the title and author's name have to be factored in too and I think that it might be hard to find space for those on Cover 1. But they'd fit nicely in the top half of Cover 2.

  6. Congrats on you making the decision to do what is right for you concerning your book and publishing company.

    As for the book cover...I am in love with #2! Hands down all the way!

  7. I like the second one. It seems more haunting, calling me to open the book and start reading.