Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The last thoughts of a driver's ed teacher

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I drove three first time drivers today.

As we nearly side swiped a Mercedes, I wrested the steering wheel and wondered what I did in that first life to be punished so severely in this one.

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As I tried to explain for the forth time in twenty minutes why you have to turn the steering wheel the opposite direction after a turn, I subconsciously made my to do list for shopping tomorrow.

As I adjusted the steering wheel, so we wouldn't hit the mail box that seemed to be jumping in front of us, I wondered why is the steering wheel so mushy and sticky feeling. (Nasty boys!)

As I wiped the cooties off my hand onto my shorts, I made a mental note to wash the shorts I was wearing as soon as I got home.

As the little old lady flicked us off when she sped by, I tried say a little prayer...so as not to cuss in front of the children.

I rode shot gun, but my day was so much more.

What multitasking did you do today?


  1. whew...i def dont want your job...my nerves would be shot.

  2. Egads. I couldn't be a drivers' ed teacher if I tried. It would make me crazy to see a bad situation coming up and not directly be able to control it! Props to you for keeping your cool...and getting your shopping list made, while you were at it :)


  3. I don't know how you do it...I would have lost my marbles already!
    I commend you for your patience & the fact that you were able to also make a shopping list...what a mind you have!

    Nice One Shot.

    Here's mine: