Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, Dog Blog It

Photo Souce
After a great weekend with family what could a girl possibly want to do?  

Kick boxing, is your guess.  

It wasn't that bad.  I enjoyed it. I used to set such high expectations for family gatherings but after enough physical altercations, and cussing tantrums my expectations have calmed down.  No police were called, we all laughed, and when everyone left we are still on speaking terms and will not have to go through the family network of mediation.  You know the one where one poor relative has to relay between the two warring sides, my poor mom.   It really wasn't that bad.  We had dinners out, went to see a movie.  We had chats, talked about the good times and worried about the tough ones.  That is what it is all about.  A time to recognize the community of family, joined history and reflection. 

Then there was the dog...

For some reason my super sweet, Machie...yes the giant lab...lost his mind.    

He has the refined talent of escaping all cages, locked gates, doors, basically any kind of binding device. I am not sure how he does it.  When you watch him he is all smiles and waggles.  When you blink, or turn away he pulls out the kit and fights his way to freedom.  Well, at least he did till Saturday night...it was more Sunday morning.  I escorted him to bed.  Put him in the locked cage myself.  

Photo Source
To the untrained eye...it is a fortress, a prison that none will leave.  After I put him in the cage I got out the baby...Snoop Dog for a midnight potty.  About 5-10 minutes later I was back in the room to put him to bed and found my sweet baby wedged chest deep in between the bottom two pieces of metal.  His eyes were bulging and his breathing extremely restricted. 

Terrifying, right! 

Out came the assorted kitchen appliances. The only sharp scissors in the house, that ginsu knife they say can cut metal- all of it was strewn across my bedroom.  We cut and pulled.  If you got to close to my sweet baby's head you got the growl.  It was like freeing a trapped bear.  Bless his heart.  Looking back, pictures would have been a great idea.  I am a blogger...I should be prepared for those kinds of moments.  I couldn't do it.  The predicament sounds ridiculous but he was in real danger and a picture of his last moments weren't something I could do.  

It was a three man effort and me on my knees and elbows in front of him calling him but we managed to pulling the frame apart enough for him to wiggle out.  Who do you think he ran to in celebration?  Me of course!  Not the crew that were risking limb and getting the back aches...nope me.  What can I say I am a charmer!  

The crazy dog is fine.  We had to do an emergency run to the local Walmart at 3 am to get a new cage but we got to see all the strippers and such so it made the trip worth while. You would think with all that drama he would be terrified of getting in cages. Nope went right in and was asleep in minutes.  Not just asleep...but the kind of snoring that would put a tubby old man to shame.     


  1. Being a guardian/caretaker/mom to 9 feline and 3 canine fur-children - I can certainly relate to this one! Great post ~~ Glad to know, Machie is ok!! Labs are slick!! :-)

  2. Your family gatherings sound like mine. I'd add "LOL" but it's not really.

  3. Hahaha! That's one of those moments where you wish desperately you had your camera out, but the task at hand (aka, rescuing your dog from his metal trap) is just a bit more important :) I'm glad the rescue was successful and I'm SO glad you got to see the many varieties of humanity present at Wal-Mart that time of day. That's always a sight to behold :) Enjoy your weekend!