Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Random Mind

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Shaaazam, I say!  I am ready for Harry Potter.  This weekend is when we begin the movie marathon.  YOU know you have to watch all of them before you go into the latest movie.  If you don't the world will end, okay maybe not.  But you would miss something.  It could be important.

Was going through the blogs I takes some time when the number exceeds 300.  I found the coolest article.  I have seen it before by Dean Wesley Smith (a mystery writer who is knee deep in the e-publishing biz.)    Well, it is about the money bits of publishing and the number and sense.

After reading that...pretty sure I need to get back to writing. Deuces.



  1. Math of it all..great title!
    Have a fun filled movie marathon..

  2. I share your obession. I must watch them all before I see the final one. Have a great time catching up!!!

  3. We're going to do the HP movie marathon, too, but we're not starting until the holiday weekend is behind us. As for "back to writing" I'm glad I'm not the only one in that situation. *sigh* One of the blogs I read is Procrastinating Writers...but I haven't done that in a while, either...;)