Sunday, June 5, 2011

Writers Give the Best Advice on Writing

"Finishing a book is just like you took a child out in the yard and shot it." 

Truman Capote

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I feel like I have been shooting my child for the last year and now I have to polish her up and set her out for display.  A bit depressing and scary.  

Today, I happed on the most helpful site.  It always helps to talk to those that have gone before you.  Plosblogs has a post that focuses on just that.  It is Practical Tips on Writing a book from 23 Brilliant Authors. 

I remember when I started writing my first book I was so anxious.  I didn't know if I was doing it right. There was constant self doubt about the process and the quality of the product I was putting together.  I found that reading advice from writers that had gone before were the only comfort.  The sages that had been before and knew the journey I was on were what kept me writing.  

I offer to you, dear reader, who are still in the trenches desperate to find your way out a few of the sites that kept me going.  

  • Nathan Bradford is a top writer, agent, and amazing blogger.  He has great articles on the nuts and bolts of the writing process and story structure like, How to Write a Novel, and How to Write a Synopsis   
  • Joe Konranth is an old time favorite.  He was a mid list writer that sat with several books published but not going anywhere.  He took e-publishing by the horns and has chronicled his journey for everyone to read.  
  • Writer's Digest seems like a natural starting place as well.  In any career you have to become a fan of the industry professional organizations.  They are there to support you.  Take advantage of it.  
  • Follow as many author bloggers as you can find.  Watching the sages that are a step in front of you will help you find your own way through the mind field.  
The most important advice I can give anyone that is a step behind me is keep writing. Even when it is ugly and you have no time, write.  Sketch characters when you sit in restaurants, while you are on planes write where ever and when ever you can.  

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  1. Just keep writing is the best advice ever. If you keep on, you'll get there! :)