Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Pottermore

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I may not talk about it in mixed company but inside it simmers, and chews at my brain...what is she up to?  What is Pottermore?  I couldn't leave it alone. I rolled up my sleeves and dug in to the great interwebs.  

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The HarryPotterForum is alive with speculation of anything from a news of a new theme park, a social network. to a Harry Potter encyclopedia.   What do we know for sure?  
  • Warner Bros has purchased several URLs for Pottermore.  
  • Warner Bros has gotten copyright licenses regarding the name Pottermore that include print material, audio, toys, entertainment film and entertainment.     
  • A dear friend of J.K. Rowling was quoted in an interview saying that while he was on a visit with her he saw she was working on a Harry Potter encyclopedia, also known as the Sacred Scottish Book.  
  • ClubeDoSlugue has released three images. (One is the the store front above.) It seems to be a social network with  games and fan fiction in ereader format.  
I think it will be all of the above.  I think the creation of the social network would be amazing.  It could capitalize on the popularity of the final movie, and keep her fan base plugged in to any additional side novels that she has arise about other characters.  Plus it could eventually be used to explore other parts of the theme park idea.  I wouldn't even doubt if movies, cartoons came out as part of the side stories.  


  1. Yes, Ms. Rowling has done extremely well for herself and I for one am very happy for her! She's a source of inspiration for female writers the world over, and that is an excellent thing.

  2. I'm sure HP fans will love it, whatever Pottermore is!