Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Letting Go, and taking hold

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I do know that it is sunny and 100 degrees outside. But it feels like this to me, cold dark with a hint of fog.

This time of year is rough.  My little darlings are leaving the nest for 8th grade.  Some are moving far away.  Some I can't wait to get rid of.  But there are always a know the ones.  They walk in and after a year's worth of experiences, stories and tears you get to May and don't want to tell them good bye. You want to hold them and keep them this very sweet age for a lifetime.  

Maybe it is tougher this year because I have buried three students in the last year and a half.  (Not in some sicko way...they drug overdosed.)  I look at the little faces in front of me and wonder which of these darlings will be the one in their graduating class that will or won't make it.  Cheery...I know.  

Maybe, I am in a funk because my routine is changing.  I am a creature of habit and routine.  I detest change.  I get all stressed and upset.  I have told myself that we cannot do another chubby summer like the summer of 2010.  They will have to cut me out of the house, if I try that stunt again.  This summer will be sweating with workouts with three different workout buddies.  I set it all up.  I have been excited, but now I think the excitement has slipped maybe morphed is a better word.  All I can think of the sweating, pain, and exhaustion of it all. It makes me want a nap.  Oh and a giant cookie, dipped in chocolate, with some ice cream on top.  I will like it, I know it will be good for me.  I think I can, I think I can.  

What big changes are you making this summer? 
What things are you having a tough time letting go of?


  1. This summer I want to stop my day job and expand my own business. It is a huge step for me...I don't know how I'll cope...

  2. Let's see, what's on the slate for this summer? New kitchen cabinets, new windows, new baby... you know, the usual.

    And just to help you out, I will take that giant cookie dipped in chocolate with ice cream on top and eat it. There, no more temptation. Best of luck with your summer of workouts! (And I say you reward yourself every once in a while with a cookie/ice cream concoction. As long as you manage to keep it hidden from me.)

  3. oh man.

    i could never be a teacher i get waaaaay to attached. and i hate change. everytime i look at a class graduating or hear a valedictorian speech, i cry. ugh.

    but, i must say, i am not a creature of habit. i hate structure. there's where we part ways.