Thursday, June 23, 2011

Writing the Synopsis

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The novel is nearing publication.  It is in the second to the last read through.  Part of this stage for me is to prepare to write the synopsis.  It sounds simple a quick summary of the book.  When I first tried to do this last year I almost cried.  It is like trying to trap an entire world into a tiny cage.  They don't fit.  The characters are your friends and you feel like you are hurting them by limiting with your words.  

I had to learn "it isn't personal it is business." Thank you Godfather. Take the feeling out of it and get something on paper.  Once you have it down you can always tweak and grow from there. 

There are some questions that have to be considered: 

  • What is this story about?
  • Who are the main characters?
  • What do these characters want?
  • Why do they want it?
  • What stands in their way of getting it?
  • How to write a great synopsis
  • Write your synopsis in the present tense.
  • Focus on your characters and what is happening to them.
  • Give the editor a sense of the setting, tone and pace of your novel - they are your reader and you have to entice them. 

The synopsis should be short and to the point.  When editing ditch the adverbs and adjectives first.  Your description should come from your verbs and noun usage.  Always keep the synopsis in the present tense but remember to always keep the flavor of the story.  Happy writing today!



  1. Great Post. I think most writers struggle with the query and the synopsis. So thanks for the awesome tips!!!

  2. Great tips!

    (I have a confession - I didn't query agents who requested for a synopsis because I can't write one to save my life. LOL)

  3. When you talk about your book I get so excited! That's awesome! Good luck with it all!