Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Journey...one step is all

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Every journey begins with a single step.  Right?  When you do anything worthwhile that journey begins daily.  Sometimes hourly you are starting.  And if you like twitter and blogging...by the minute.  A few words of wisdom from one that has gone before and is on the daily journey with you.
  • Go all 1980- Turn off all of the fun exciting social network games, and entertainment.  I have a routine...there are probably many other way more productive ones out there but this works for me.  I check all that stuff...facebook, and twitter.  I keep it quick no more then five minutes.  Then I  get on blogger.  I post and read a few post.  Then I am off.  No more for several hours. It is white page in front of me and ignore the family.    
  • Protective Force Fields- The television can be blaring, dogs barking and people arguing I hear none of it.  In the zone it is me and the music of the words in my head.  In flow I am reading the text and talking it out...yes audibly.  If you walk near me I sound like the little homeless lady rocking gently and mumbling to myself. The family knows, "Oh she is writing."  They know I don't hear them and it is no use talking to me.  It is not like that every time. I wish.  Sometimes I struggle to get into that zone.  
  • Go to the Dark side- I don't know why but my best writing gets done at night.  I know all the websites say to writing in the morning.  I can't see, can't talk and don't like people in the morning.  At night everyone is in bed and I can easily get in the zone.  Talking to myself is not such a big deal all alone. 
Admittedly, these three tips will tell more about me than help others. Yes, writing makes you a little nuts.  You are the master of a world the fate of them are in your hands.  You are in constant fear that you are writing trash, and that nobody will love the characters but you. When you get to the middle of your work you will know it because everything gets harder.  You hate looking at your writing.  It is all overwhelming.  You feel like you are nowhere near the end but (if you are me) you have no idea how to find the end.  It is ugly...lots of crying and procrastination.  Stick to it.  It gets better.  Everything gets better if you stick to it.  The key to all writing is well...Keep writing!  


  1. The creative journey is a weird and wacky one, alright.

  2. New follower here! I like your routine, especially turning off all electronics. For me, this includes the phone, all phones. I don't know how many times I've been in the middle of writing and the phone rings. The poor sap on the other end doesn't understand when I half listen to him and then get off the phone as fast as possible.

  3. I also have to make myself turn off the electronics and step away from the computer. Not because I'm a writer, but because they're attention suckers that make it hard to get anything else done!


  4. Reminds me of my college days of writing papers. It's hard typing on the computer because FB and blogger is just a click away! Good tips though, all have worked for me!