Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for April Fool's day and the A to Z challenge

I always love a little adventure.  I have joined the A to Z challenge on the blog Tossing it Out.  If someone blogged every single day in the month of April except Sundays they would have blogged 26 days.  That is the same as the number of letters in the alphabet.  (I know duh...have to connect the dots for myself sometimes.)

So here we sit with the first letter of the alphabet before us...
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It just so happens to be April 1st, April fools.  I am not a great prankster.  I hate jokes, mainly the ones played on me.  The others are okay...and usually funny.  In a middle school all 7th graders think they are funny and are positive they are completely original.  I had 10 request for fake office referrals.  I had 3 with fake broken arms/legs.  Not to mention the announcements of moving.  Pitifully unoriginal.

Digging around a bit I found this (Top 199 April Fool's Day) I bow to the creative minds that came up with these shenanigans.

For a look at how the rest of the challenge went look below:   

The A to Z challenge was a great experience.  I have some amazing people and found some beautiful blogs.  


  1. Hahaha, my middle schoolers left be alone today. But, man, I've had some bad pranks in the past! Happy A to Z!

  2. I love the A-Z idea...can't wait to see what you come up with! I declared our classroom a prank-free zone today. My fifth graders probably think I'm the world's biggest party pooper, but I was able to actually get some teaching done! Fifth grade April Fool's jokes are consistently pretty lame anyway :)

    Happy weekend!


  3. Happy A Day. The only April Fools joke I did was claim The Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber all went down in a plane, but made sure I put the #Aprilfools at the end of the tweet. I'd have felt bad if someone actually thought it happened. There's still a little time left. Maybe I'll tweet that the Apocolypse happened. Eh, I need to get a life.
    Nice post!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment on my blog. I am surprised by the diversity of bloggers who have signed up! I look forward to reading more of your posts as the month progresses :)