Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fated too

Stepping through any agonizing decision there is an inner need to feel that your decision has already been fated.  That this is the path you are suppose to take regardless of the trials that await you along the way.  No matter how many landslides you get thrown by that this was all how it was suppose to be.  There a some times when feel that fate is the driver of our life is not enough.

As Chere Michelle put it, "I realize there are people out there who just can’t make that crucial decision that could alter their path in life…it just seems too hard. That’s OK. Nobody can force anyone to do something they aren’t ready for and when the time is right, I truly believe we all make the best decisions for ourselves."  

There are times in our life when we know what the right decision is and we are not ready to make it, or do not know how to.  Whether it be getting rid of a friendship that is draining rather then  building us up. Or putting ourselves first when we have spent a lifetime doing just the opposite.  I believe in these times of our lives we just need to reach out- to God, family, friends.  The path will be revealed. It won't be easy but it will be that defining moment of character that will turn your entire life around.  The most difficult times are the times of greatest power.  Embrace them.  Celebrate your strength.  Know that strength building requires stretching and some pain.  You will be better for it.    

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