Saturday, June 19, 2010

Love you Daddy

Waking up at my childhood house I can clearly picture you, Dad, sitting at the kitchen table- paper spread in front of you, hair wild from sleep, and that dangerous robe that never quiet covered what it was suppose to.  You would start off silent.  Then your 'good morning' would be a discussion of politics, discoveries, and global events all over a bowl of cheerios...even though we are both allergic to milk. 

We are a lot alike Daddy.  Although I have yet to purchase the barely there robe, the list is still pretty long. 

We love photography. Remember when you gave me my first 35m camera- I do.  With a single focused eye; you gave me the power to show the world what I see.  I continue it today and still get that surge of satisfaction from a well framed shot. 

We love technology.  I blame my 'gotta haves' on growing up with one of the first DVDs, computers, Internet and remote controlled fans. Today, I was one of the first to have a 'smart' phone and got my eye on those beautiful ipads...mmm they are pretty.  Don't even get me started on all the gadgets I have for my classroom.  The tradition continues.  

You instilled in me a deep appreciation for nature.  Before it was cool we were recycling, composting, conserving energy and growing our own food.  The generations of farmers that led to you flow through my veins.  Even living in apartments I found myself happiest outside. At the most stressed out time of my life when I was sent to Africa I felt at home.  Wild all around, brought my life back into focus.  

Daddy you are a teacher at heart.  You spent hours with us on the sofa explaining intricate political relationships, and science theories.  Refusing to read children's books you opted for National Geographic. Remember those hours you tried and tried to show me how to change my own oil.  And the time we mixed up those poles for jumping the car.  Apparently you aren't suppose to...the sparks were exciting.  The only exception being teaching driving.  Wow!  It is a wonder we all survived.  The school building was getting so close so quickly, you really do move like a ninja in getting to that pedal.  

Daddy we both work too hard.  Since I can remember you have had more then one job.  Always dedicated to making sure we had what we needed.  I too work more then I should for those that I love.  I use to think that you did it to stay away from us.  Now I know that it is because it was what had to be done. You did it out of love. Never asking what was in it for you.  

Daddy you have suffered the laundry list of bad gifts from us.  Know it is not from lack of love, but you do get what you want when you need it making it impossible to find something.  On this Father's Day I give you my love!  Wrapped up in photos I took using what you taught me.  Taped together with words of my affection, and appreciation for all the sacrifices you made for your two little girls. 



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