Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sticky Words

Thought a little poetry would be perfect for a Sunday.  Enjoy a cup of coffee and think about your sticky words.

Words know their meaning.

They chew it up and marinade until delivery.

Words can be…

                       Ambivalent, hanging like upturned bats in a cave.
                       Sharp, decisively cutting through crowed angry spaces.
                       Pensive, clinging to thought and question.

Words are sometimes wings.
                     Flittering softly like thundering herds of butterflies ready to carry away their target.

All words are sticky.

Their purpose and meanings are tiny drops of resin that are sprayed around a room and never dry.
They clog a swift moving tongue.
                   Bouncy, they rattle between the ears in the voice of the deliverer.

Like hot gum on the bottom on a new shoe,
                                                                 they hold on.

What do your sticky words say about you?

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