Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Read and See into My Soul

Today I saw bright green clover lilies eat away at a lake.  Worried it was choking the life from the water I had to get a closer look.  Walking along the worn wooden planks the boom from my foot fall woke up the small ducks nesting in the nearby grasses.  Baby ducks slept exposed their only protection a lone mother duck.  They eagerly walked over to me seeking any handouts I might have.  The haggard, watchful mother followed behind them eyeing me- desperate to see what my purpose would be. 

I recognized the look in that haggard mother's eyes.  She was tired, ready for help, scared and hopeful for her young.  My blog is my baby duck.  I tried to keep it to myself- for 21 months safe, stuffed in an online closet.  

Writing is the spilling of my soul onto a screen for the world to see.  Danger lurks everywhere but so does opportunity.  It is this terrifying duel that I send my baby ducks into on a daily basis and hope for them that they meet with those that love like I do.  

Dear reader, I send to you bits of my soul in the form of daily post.  I've tried to protect these babies but they must go out on their own without my watchful eye of protection. Treat them humanely. It is parts of me you see. 

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  1. your baby ducks are growing nicely--is that real feathers I see among the down?