Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Say it in 6

Listening to NPR (National Public Radio) just makes you feel smarter.  It is like drinking a Starbucks latte while reading a Wallstreet Journal but it is free and for the ears.  On NPR there is a segment known as Talk of the Nation, where the host, Neal Conan, talks with authors, politicians and decision makers in a flowing interview that can pull in anyone.     

A fellow blogger, Jan at tomatobaby blog became enlightened by this same show when Conan was interviewing Larry Smith  and Rachel Fershieriser.  This duo shared the purpose of Smith Blog-agazine, founded by Smith that challenges readers to wrap up their entire life story in 6 words. For these two it is a celebration of the regular man.  My favorite on the site...Laundromat visit, low tech social network.  Some are extremely sad, smart, others just funny. It is a study in being concise and knowing your subject. 

Let me give it a try...Got degree, job, house- handyman needed.  Now it is your turn...let me hear it...


  1. going to- coming from, almost finished- just starting

  2. working, watching, waiting,reading, hoping, praying