Saturday, June 26, 2010

Words of wisdom for your 18 year old self...

Looked into the face of promise it came in the shape of a band new 18 year old high school graduate.  The world sits before him, so many opportunities rest on his shoulders. I remember being there- scared by the vast openness of opportunity. What if I could give that frightened young girl a bit of advice?

By nature I do love to research all things.   I find a blog, Chronicles of a Busy Mind by Alicia Cuthbertson where she gave advice to her 21 year old self. Thought to myself...if that were myself what 10 things would I say to that young girl of 18?

  1. Write, write all the time.  You fell in love with the pen in 7th grade, never let it go.  Don't give excuses- for not doing something that heals you.  Writing is your medicine, take it daily. Actions that bring you happiness should be exercised daily.
  2. Devour criticism, don't let it end you.  I know that college professor will sit and look at you with disgust as she talks about how horrible your writing is. Take it in and be strong.  Use her suggestions and become stronger.  Crumbling is not an option.  Giving up writing is not an option. 
  3. Be bold.  When that incredible man comes into your life don't just standby and let him go.  You deserve to step up and see if he feels the same.  When you get opportunities take them.  Life is for living not watching it pass you by.
  4. Keep exercising.  You are not chubby this is the best shape you will be in- keep up the walks and jogs. Moderation needs to be your mantra. Keeping it off is way easier then having to take a bunch off.  Do it because your life depends on it.
  5. Asking for help does not make you weak. You have friends and family that want to see you successful.  If you need help reaching out does not mean you are a failure it just means you are smart enough to know your limitations.     
  6. Moving on is not giving up. Sometimes things don't work out.  Some times people leave you.  Letting go of them is not forgetting them.  You have the memory of them, of you both together. Those will never leave you.  Being alone is not lonely it can be liberating.   
  7. Bigger is not always better. This may be the unofficial state motto but it does not have to be your own. You don't have to have the biggest plate of food, giant cokes, the biggest house the fanciest car.  Your life is more than what you have.  People survive with so much less.  All the stuff will not buy happiness.  You have to give that gift of joy to yourself. 
  8. Visit the ones you love often.  A busy life is not an excuse for not spending time with those you love.  They are not going to be around forever. The days speed by if whether you acknowledge it or not. Make the time to be with the people you love the most.
  9. Tell people what they mean to you. Sure you are nice to the people you love- well usually.  For your own soul put voice to those words that define the relationships in your life. Don't let a moment pass where you leave and they don't know how you feel.   
  10. Different is not bad. Your future will not be what you envisioned.  There will not be a prince on a white horse that will scoop you up taking you off to the giant castle.  Different is not bad, you can still have a life of meaning and purpose.  You may have to be your own knight in shining armor but that will make you stronger.  I believe a wise person once told me that 'that gives you character.'  Who doesn't want more of that?
The list could go on..stay out of the sun, lay off the milk, say your sorry and mean it...but the top ten would of saved me so much time and unnecessary sadness.  To all those fresh young souls take these words tuck them away and pluck them out as you need.  I wish I had.


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