Monday, June 21, 2010

Why I love Summer Vacation

While the druids rise at the crack of dawn to sing and dance around Stonehenge this Solstice I was inspired to ponder my own favorite parts of summer.  Although I am not one who enjoys rising at the day's earliest hours nor trying to navigate my feet into any kind of rhythmic pattern I do enjoy each of those individually in limited doses. 

Up early at the break of 7:30 am, I think back to what summer means to me.  List are one of my favorite things...well crossing stuff off of them is my favorite.  See if you agree with my choices if you can think of any other great things about summer then add it in a comment.  Would love to hear it!

  1. The idea of being able to sleep late.  I usually never do- but just not  being chained to a clock brings such joy.
  2. Staying up till the crack of midnight reading trashy mystery novels.  I look at it as research for my own writing. 
  3. The promise of hot days, sun heating your skin as soon as you step from the shade.  It can be over done- but it feels great in small doses. 
  4. Picnics!  I love them mostly I love the foods that go with them.  The preparing for them, the picking the perfect spot and the very best sitting with family and friends with baskets of already made food great conversation, wind and sun all around. Some of my most remembered ones were gathered around at Shakespeare in the park, or celebrating the forth of  July.
  5. Swimming.  At this stage of my life the two piece days are limited to memories...but I still love the water.  Nothing more healing then being weightless and swimming till you sweat.
  6. New projects have always been associated with every summer.  Either crafty or some that are house needs.  Painting, spring cleaning (not my favorite), researching, writing I actively volunteer for all of it in these magical few months.  
  7. Vacations define summer.  Whether it is just a local day trip or an extravagant one over seas there is no greater thrill.  It combine my favorite things list, research, planning and being with family.
  8. Movies hold such a strong importance for the making of a great summer.  Those big action blockbusters that hit every weekend.  The experience of dressing up, going out to eat and making a night of the entire event.
  9. Reading mysteries, romances, historical dramas there is no better way to lose yourself then in a big fat well written book.  Finding that book that sucks you in and doesn't let you go is the best way to spend those extra hours of free time.
  10. My most favorite is the late nights in the family room gathered with family and friends talking late into the night. Laughing till my sides hurt and my face is red and streaked with tears.  Throw in games family competition and prepare for a lively memorable time.   

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