Monday, June 28, 2010

I use to slay dragons

Sword dripping held high above my head feeling the power of victory surge through my being, the wind danced in my hair and I was at peace.  In the distance I could hear crowds cheering, chanting my name.  This is the victory I fight for daily. 

I have only truly felt it twice in my life. The first time when I graduated college and the second time when I was a finalist for teacher of the year for my school district.  Both times there was a goal I actively worked toward, obsessed toward.  Dragons were battled in the form of stodgy professors, obstacles  in the form of rusty writing skills and dyslexia to boot.  I attacked each with purpose. 

What victory sits before me now?  I reach into myself and dare to complete a task I've yearned for since I was a child in 7th finish my first novel.  I've read that there are those that can write an entire book start to finish in thirty days.  I am on year two of this novel.  It is no where what I initially pictured.  I would describe myself as being toward the middle of it...reaching the peak in action.  I've battled with a crazy schedule- waking extra early, and staying up super late to fit in writing time.  I have grappled with a plot that was flat, too fat, too wild and have tamed the beast to what I have now a saddled dragon.  The victory is not in getting this beast of mine published- although that is a goal I will set after it is finished.  The victory is finishing.  It is that Olympic moment of walking across the finish line and knowing that I did it. I won.  There will be no cheering crowds, well except those in my head.  It will be for me.  I make this short today, dear reader...I have dragons to slay.

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