Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Weekend is getting near....

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I love holidays, and it isn't just because we get out of school on Friday.  I work the double shift all week...I will need the day off on Friday to recover.  I officially have no plans for that day...I want to do some spring cleaning. It is almost summer and I have yet to partake of this yearly ritual.  I will have to keep the lights low, or my glasses off so the ickiness doesn't get me down till then.

I might even color some eggs.  It is always fun in thought.  The vinegar smell of the coloring is not that awesome. Plus I am not great with eggs...
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Sorry Pete!


  1. My mom and I always dye eggs. It's just not Easter to me without dyed eggs! And I actually like the smell of vinegar...does that make me weird??? Feel free to weigh in :)

    I hear ya about a messy home! I'm thinking about closing my eyes as I walk around here so I'm not offended by my own mess. I've pushed my spring cleaning back so much I might as well call it summer cleaning...


  2. I love dyeing eggs with my family (my "E" post involved some!)... if you dislike the smell, you could colour them with markers... I might be doing some with acrylics this year so I can have some that look like the ones in the photo you posted!!

  3. Just to let you know that I have given you a bit of an award on my site! Happy Easter!

  4. Friday is definitely the best day :-) Happy Easter!